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Glorify God through vibrant, meaningful worship and prayer.

Equip Believers through intentional discipleship and leadership development.

Share the Gospel and Our Lives by presenting the truth and love of Jesus Christ to our neighbors in relevant ways.


Lakeside is a Pentecostal church and ministry of the Church of God of Prophecy (Cleveland, TN).  We are a growing church family with a passion to love God and

to love people.  We express our passion

to God through a blend of worship styles including hymns testifying of our faith

as well as modern choruses that deepen

our relationship with the Father, Son,

and the Holy Spirit.


We are faced with unprecedented challenges.  Everyone is learning how to navigate these unchartered waters - Jesus is the Captain of our ship, however, and the Church will keep moving forward.

Not gathering at the Lakeside campus does not mean we are discontinuing ministry.  We are, however, learning how to redirect ministry.  Growth in our faith can never be paused. Join us online as we connect together through Scripture, Leadership, and Prayer.


We will worship God with all our being by:

  • Acknowledging Him as the Sovereign of all creation

  • Submitting to the headship of Christ over the Church

  • Practicing fervent, Spirit-led corporate worship

  • Allowing the full manifestation of spiritual gifts in our lives

  • Modeling personal worship through sacrificial living

  • Utilizing every available means to take the gospel to all people

  • Depending on the Holy Spirit to empower our witness

  • Dedicating ourselves to a lifestyle of evangelism

  • Cooperating with other Bible-believing Christians in outreach efforts

  • Examining every major corporate decision in light of the Great Commission

We will equip believers, using all our gifts by:

  • Faithfully preaching and teaching the whole Word of God

  • Providing a loving environment for individual spiritual growth

  • Fulfilling the command to "bear one another's burdens"

  • Administering the scriptural ordinances

  • Applying biblical church discipline with love



We will prepare for Christ's return with all our hearts by:

  • Covenanting to the inerrant Word of God

  • Committing ourselves to lives of biblical holiness

  • Being agents of reconciliation in a fragmented world

  • Modeling and promoting unity among all God's children

  • Helping to take the gospel to every people group on earth

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